Plagiarism Complaint Places Indian Professor in Jail

Don’t plagiarize because one day you will be caught ! To read more follow the link below


Corruption syndrome in Nigerian public services

How to end self Tyranny

Mohammed Maina


By Mohd Maina

In Nigeria today it’s time to say enough for the corruption, everyone like to have corruption free society yet we seldom thought about our own role in propagating corrupt practices. For instance, how many times we watch injustice and corrupt practices taking place right in front of us but we were defeated by the fear of vested interest and remain mute. We like to discuss it, yet we don’t condemn it actively. Most of us in civil service commit some forms of corruption by watching corruption taking place without even nay. Until everyone absolutely reject this act in its totality, followed by strong pledge to henceforth be free from any form of corruption and be liberated, then one can be considered delivered and then keep preaching what you practiced. This will have a far reaching consequences in transforming our societal values by restoring sincerity which is the…

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