Ethical Leadership

Haven’t you seen some high profile ethical failures in the press in recent years? The problems and devastation caused by accounting fraud at the investment company. People have also raised ethical questions over the welfare of some organizations’ staff and suppliers.

This highlights the extent to which it can be difficult for leaders to determine what’s right and wrong. Some make the wrong choices – and end up in the courts, or in the news.

What we rarely see, however, are stories about the numerous companies that are managed by ethical leaders. While standards seem to keep falling in some corporations, other leaders “raise the bar” and inspire their teams to do the same. These leaders do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. They put their ethics before the bottom line – and as a result, they have dedicated teams that would do almost anything for them.

So how do they do it? And how can you do it as well? We’ll show you how to define your own ethical standards – and start putting those standards into practice. keep following us!


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