My experience with UPMISA

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Maina Mohammed

President, UPMISA.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all UPMISA members for their supports and opportunity to serve as president of UPMISA. It is imperative to say that true friends enrich life and of course a gift and I am blessed with some in UPM. I am very happy with the countless support from my colleagues as well as Bhep staff .

It is certainly a place to acquire experience of complex interaction between different cultures, I enjoyed working with good friends despite few hitches yet we were able to pull our synergy and lift UPMISA above its dormant position. We were able to conduct activities successfully in areas such as International sports competitions held at Uniten, International cultural shows held at Nilai University, several trips to various interested parts of Malaysia and numerous workshops and seminars etc.

When we came to UPMISA as new executive, no complete office but only an empty room with neither activity nor meeting venue, we struggle a lot to be able to breakthrough and lot of proposals and aggressive follow up, today we can proudly say we transform UPMISA from a mere committee of few individuals to a full association with different committees operating at different levels and scope. The office is complete with a telephone line,  furniture and stationery-  a full work station. We launched a new website which we used to disseminate information and share many educational materials.

Working in UPMISA enables me to improve my level of patience and re-calibrate my sense of judgement as ‘not all that glitters are gold’. The experience of working with people with different background has made me understood more on cultural diversity on campus. Similarly, it influences me positively and reinforces my determination to face challenges.

Last but not the least benefits were the friends I made from almost all the countries in UPM and I believe it will be a lasting one.

We launched this magazine and first of its kind in UPMISA that report our activities over the year,it also displays some untold events in UPMISA. I will kindly like to draw curtain at this point by thanking Deputy Vice Chancellor student affairs, staff,  members of UPMISA executive 2012 and the entire UPM international students.


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